Editorial Team

Editors in Chief

Billie is a Masters student in Philosophy at Te Herenga Waka: Victoria University of Wellington. Their thesis is focusing on Existentialism, Authenticity, and Social Media. Billie’s main interests in philosophy include: Metaphilosophy, Continental Philosophy, and Philosophy of Gender. 

Leon is currently an honours student at the University of Sydney. His honours thesis is on Techne in Michel Foucault’s last decade. Leon’s research interests include: 20thC Continental Philosophy, Ancient Greek Philosophy, and Philosophy of Sex and Love.

Associate Editors

Beau is a recent graduate from the honours philosophy program at the University of Melbourne. He completed a thesis on the phenomenology of transracial adoptees and the critical phenomenology of the Latina feminist tradition. His philosophical work centers predominantly around critical phenomenology, adoption studies, and deconstruction. Beau currently works as a research assistant at the Alfred Deakin Institute at Deakin University.

Grier is an undergraduate student at Te Herenga Waka: Victoria University of Wellington. She studies five majors: Philosophy, Political Science, International Relations, Economics and Public Policy. Grier’s main interests are applied ethics, political philosophy, and existentialism.