Editorial Team

Editors in Chief

Brigitte is a current MPhil student at the Australian National University. Their interests are in sexuality, gender, Marx, phenomenology, and genealogy. Brigitte’s Master’s project aims to synthesise areas of gendered genealogy, embodied sexuality, and cultural production, to give a distinct account of sex and sexuality. Primarily looking at Butler, Foucault, Irigaray, and Beauvoir, Brigitte situates the sex act at the core of their work, bringing together these authors in a new dialogue around sexuality.   

Rashna is currently an Honours student at the ANU where she is working on philosophy of care and epistemology. She is also a journalist, published in leading Australian outlets, including the Guardian, the ABC, SBS, The Conversation and more. She has a keen interest in political philosophy and feminist philosophy and plans on commencing graduate studies in philosophy in 2024. 

Associate Editors

Billie is a Masters student in Philosophy at Te Herenga Waka: Victoria University of Wellington. Their thesis is focusing on Existentialism, Authenticity, and Social Media. Billie’s main interests in philosophy include: Metaphilosophy, Continental Philosophy, and Philosophy of Gender.

James is currently an honours student at the Australian National University where he is researching topics related to risk and ethical decision-making under uncertainty. More broadly, he is interested in ethics, decision theory, and epistemology. After completing his honours, James intends to study a Master’s degree overseas next year before undertaking his PhD.


Jean Hew graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Philosophy. Her philosophical interests include epistemology, aesthetics, Chinese philosophy and gender; she wrote her final year paper on the relationship between state power and sexuality. Jean currently works at Jom, a weekly magazine about Singapore.

Leon is a 3rd year student at USYD, majoring in Philosophy and International Relations. His honour thesis is on Plato, Foucault, and Techne. Leon’s research interests include: 20thC Continental Philosophy, Ancient Greek Philosophy, and Philosophy of Sex.