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The Undergraduate Philosophy Journal of Australasia

What is UPJA?

Founded in 2019, the Undergraduate Philosophy Journal of Australasia (UPJA) is the first undergraduate philosophy journal run by students from the Australasian region. We publish two issues and host two virtual conferences annually: one mid-year and another at the end of the year. Our calls for papers for each issue open roughly in February and August, respectively.

Following the Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP), UPJA interprets Australasia as referring to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore – three regional neighbours which are home to lively philosophical debate and can benefit from greater engagement in philosophy at the undergraduate level. The UPJA editorial team is based across these countries.

UPJA recognises and celebrates the exchange of ideas across borders as vital. For this reason, we accept paper submissions and referee applications from anywhere in the Australasian region and beyond.

Aims and Scope

We aim to serve as a platform for voices across the globe, promoting philosophical progress and growing our philosophical community. UPJA welcomes submissions on any philosophical topic from current undergraduates and those who have recently graduated from any university worldwide. We seek to publish work that attempts to make a substantive contribution to contemporary debate. To date, we have had students from 83 institutions in 18 countries submit a paper or referee for us.

With the generous support of the AAP, we offer two cash prizes each issue for standout submissions.

We endeavour to be an inclusive and diverse journal that will provide a platform for undergraduate philosophy students to showcase their work. Submissions from women and other members of underrepresented groups in philosophy, including those for whom English is not their first language, are particularly encouraged.

Papers go through anonymous refereeing; your credentials will be kept anonymous during the review process to ensure fair consideration across the articles. Papers are reviewed by students or recent graduates who have demonstrated their strong ability to engage with philosophical arguments.

You can check out the latest UPJA news on our Facebook page, and sign up for our mailing list to receive updates on publication announcements, paper submissions, and referee applications.


Alan Bechaz (University of Melbourne, Melbourne)
Racher Du (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Associate Editors

Will Cailes (Monash University, Melbourne)
Thomas Spiteri (University of Melbourne, Melbourne)

Faculty advisors

Associate Professor Stephanie Collins (Australian Catholic University, Melbourne)
Assistant Professor Sandra Field (Yale-NUS College, Singapore)
Dr Carolyn Mason (University of Canterbury, Christchurch)

Web Designer

Bendix Kemmann (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy at LMU, Munich)

Want to join the editorial team?
Applications from women and other members of underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged.