Conversations from the region

A new podcast by UPJA

This podcast is an extension of our existing interview series, which consists of conversations with academic philosophers who are from or currently working in Australasia or whose work has had a significant impact on philosophy in the region—in a less formal and more accessible way. For each episode, we will invite them to sit down with our editors and share their own ideas, experiences, and advice.

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Episode 1. Dr Sam Shpall: Let’s talk about sex

In this debut episode, we interviewed Dr Sam Shpall, the senior lecturer at the University of Sydney. We talked about Dr Shpall’s academic experiences, the excitement and fun of teaching and thinking about the philosophy of sex and love, the problem of disciplinary boundaries, and the meaning and importance, if there are any, of doing philosophy.

The edited transcript of this episode will be updated later and can be found in our interview section.